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(tl;dr: sell items for donuts)

As somebody who hasn't spent money on the game- I liked having a chance at getting "premium" characters without spending donuts. From the start, I basically thought of all the gold box items as something that would have cost donuts in any other event, and the pink/blue items as regular chance items. So I kind of expected to win all the pink/blue, but anything from gold was icing on the donut. While I didn't get any of the super rare playable characters, I grinded every day, for weeks, multiple times a day, to get my 70 boxes- and I feel I earned the 3 buildings, couple of mascot characters, and 15 donuts I ended up with.

However- if I was a premium completionist player who regularly spends hundreds of donuts every event to buy all the items, I'd probably be a little upset if I again spent all that money and didn't get the items.

I think a reasonable solution could be to continue having the chance games for all players to have the ability to find all items during events, but also have all items available to buy directly for donuts- at similar donut prices relative to the odds of finding by chance.

For example, a common box good item like Blocko or Johnny Fiestas that had a 3% chance, would sell for 30 donuts. Egg Council Guy and Chirpy& at 5% would sell for 20 donuts. And the common decorations at 15-20% would sell for 5 donuts.

So instead of all the people this event who spent 100 donuts on eggs for random chances and are pissed because they got *, have still spent the same 100 donuts and got what they paid for, plus a couple gates and egg piles from their regular playing... EA got what they were gonna get out of them and didn't lose anything. Customers got what they wanted and are now happy.

As for the gold box, the playable characters should be priced in line with other premiums sold in the game with a slight bump because of the limited availability and difficulty to find by chance, let's say 100 donuts a piece. Buildings, which there was only one, maybe 40 donuts, mascot characters like bunny at 25 donuts, Topiary for 10 donuts, and the decorations items, which still sucked...at 5 donuts each.

So all the people who want every item from every event, know from the very beginning what it would cost them. They can spend the 500+ donuts for all the items and get exactly what they want, instead of spending that much for just a chance, and end up being super **** at EA. EA still gets all the donuts people are willing to spend, except everyone is satisfied in the end instead of feeling robbed.

There will still be the people who like to gamble, but aren't willing to pay for everything, so EA can squeeze a bit out of them, and there will still be the people like me, who won't spend anything, but will still play every damn day- until I get bored. That's the game- and from what I propose- everyone wins.

And I'm all out of beer.
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