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Lost 300 donuts?

Hey guys I just bought 300 donuts and my phone froze and then i couldnt reopen tapped out and then when I reopend it I didnt have the donuts. It was on a 50 dollar prepaid card and I was able to buy 300 more but I realized it took the money for the first 300 off my card. Who can I talk to to get my donuts back


You you can try but you're going to have to post a screenshot of a transaction you can also try to email them the both of those avenues go to that link above. login, search for the game scroll down the bottom and you should see the email button or contact button or Alive chat feature this is how you contact them


  • neuroheart
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    I wouldn't even bother trying to contact EA about this, just get in touch with your respective app store and tell them you were double charged.
  • subiedude77
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    Purchased 2400 doughnuts and they never showed up in game. Been waiting 3weeks so far for EA to help, or even to get back to me, but mycase is always " in progress" im thinking thier game support for simpsons is only one or two people :( this is horrible customer service. Hope your patient.
  • NMayo
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    wow when my phone did this last week, I contacted them and had my 60 donuts back within 35 minutes.
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