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Still worth spending donuts on gold eggs?

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This is how you test:

* switch off 3G and Wifi on your device, now act VERY quickly.
* Purchase the biggest possible package you can get for your donuts.
* Open gold box after gold box as quickly as you can, and remember whether there's any good stuff coming
* Eventually you get the lost connection screen.
* At this point, the donuts have been spent on your device, but not on your game account.

Now if you're happy with the outcome, switch on wifi again, start the game, and you have your gold box price. If you're not happy, force the application to stop, delete cache and game data, and after redownloading you have your precious donuts back.

Don't forget to switch donut confirm on again.

It's no use doing that thing twice or more. You get the very same crap every time.
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