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My Kingdom For a Donut!

Omg I had no idea he was that expensive as I got him when he was free. I have him but no skin to go with him. He has some cool tasks. A pre congrats for when you get him this weekend. :D


  • GamerGD3
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    edited May 2014
    I have 249 donuts after the level up. I want one solitary single tiny little donut to get Barney's Bowlarama which I've been saving up for for months (hate having Plow King hanging round in my inventory since Christmas), scratching away once a week and accumulating freebies here and there.

    Yeah, I'll definitely get it Saturday morning with my next Golden Scratch-R but... so near... so near!!

    It looks like the Level 41 quest line you will win a single donut. But the level up after the shop is built should put you over faster I'd think.
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