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Has Tapped Out gotten you more into following the episodes?

I have always watched the Simpsons always been a big fan :) But when the game came out i defo started watching the programs more, try and watch them every night :D


  • mr_skeltal_80
    18104 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Pretty much what Neo said. Fox show 5 or 6 Simpsons episodes every night here ( guess they dont have anything other to show :P ) so i usually watch one or two. The ones i really like to see ( again ) i record and watch when i have the time.
  • davo180
    14974 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    I watch Simpsons as much as I can
  • cara252
    199 posts
    edited May 2014
    Well, we have to wait a while for the episodes to show here. So it can be some time between tapping through an episode tie-in and actually seeing the episode.

    That being said, they show old episodes almost every night here, and I usually catch one or two during dinner. But I think I would have done that even without Tapped Out.
  • brickevand408
    1822 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    For me I've watched Simpsons from way before, then stopped.

    Me to, dont have the time to start watching again, Simpsons is something from my chidhood that i cherish.
  • NeoSEC28
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    edited May 2014
    Is it me or do any of you guys get kinda excited about when a new episode comes out? I always make sure i try and watch the new ones without fail:)
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  • baddazoner
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    edited May 2014
    not the new episodes because i can't stand how the show is now but i have rewatched some classics
  • HankScorrpio
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    edited May 2014
    I catch the odd classic ones when I can and still love them.
    Mr Sparkle was on last night. Brilliant.

    As for new ones, I caught one or two a few months back and just found them poor. They aren't what I expect from The Simpsons.
    I'll stick to the classics.
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