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Feel this is important

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L_B_123XD wrote:
I've just watched this video and it made me think, about my life and others.
I feel this video has to be watched by as many people as possible, it's about a serious matter that doesn't get enough people being as open and honest as it needs for change. People are too afraid to talk and its a massive issue

Now ill warn people that there is a little bit of swearing in the video, and his description of what happened to him may make people a little bit ill in the stomach( Because he vividly describes his issue to make people think)
Nevertheless I felt on balance I should post it here, as if it helps anyone then he has done the job he wanted, and bravery needs to be admired.
Cancer is an awful disease and we need more people like this out there to make people like me realise there's nothing to be afraid of

Well I don't know how to convert as I'm on my ipod, so is appreciate if someone could as I still believe it needs to be seen
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