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Boardwalk tiles are locked, contacted support twice and nothing has changed, please help!!

ronnieb85 wrote:
I've been saving my boardwalk tiles and for whatever reason today the game locked all my tiles and I can't use them. It says I don't have any tiles and that I need to make more but when I click on the Squidport entrance it tells me I can't make more because I have reached the limit. Please help me fix this issue so I can continue building up Squidport!
ronnieb85 wrote:
528 tiles and yeah I've got the space to put them but I get the padlock icon when I go to use them.
ronnieb85 wrote:
Ok so my account got hacked and someone gave me cash donuts and a bunch of other stuff including boardwalk tiles. Well I can't use my boardwalk tiles because this idiot gave me too many so my game locked them out and I have contacted customer support twice, the first time the guy said I needed to level in order to unlock them, well I've leveled twice and they're still locked. The second guy said there's nothing they can do and that I need to post my problem here to get a fix. Can someone please help me?!? I want to keep building up my Squidport but I can't any more cause some idiot thought they were helping me and he made things worse :(
So, tiles generated through use of a hacked apk are locked and cannot be fixed. Your Squidport is essentially broken.

If you are telling us that someone hacked your account, and then proceeded to use a hack tool to get you more tiles in order to help you, you can ask EA to revert your entire town to a date before the intrusion. Try going to live chat and telling them your story. If they believe you, they'll make a ticket, which will hopefully get escalated to level 2 support. The rep at level 2 will be able to revert your town -- again, if he believes your story. Good luck!


  • maxeerg
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    If people using hacked game files drop into some random town via the wrong town glitch, I'd assume they'd be able to add any hacked items to that town. They'd probably think they were doing you a favor. Probably not as prevalent as vandalism, but it certainly could happen.
  • ronnieb85
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    edited May 2014
    Well thanks to Reddit someone was able to fix it. So I'm back to being normal in game :)
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