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My Park in progress...

If you saw my town you would appreciate the humor of me giving advice about details of an entertainment area. But here goes the only shred of an idea I have about yours. In the places where squares of concrete meet the grass, such as the area around the pond near the community center, maybe an edging of little shrubs just enough to mask the line? Wouldn't even need to be continuous, but just enough to break up that divide. (Did that make any sense?). I envy your ability to use the utilitarian iems such as trash cans and newsstands and benches and phonebooths. I never know where to put them, leaving my Springfield citizens to their own devices, so theyre uninformed, stranded slobs, searching for a place to sit down.

Love the buildings you chose for that area. You're right about the Shamrock Cafe. It looks like it belongs. :)


  • atiq_ruhel
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    edited May 2014
    I can vouch for Annette... she spends way too much time critiquing other people's towns and doesn't have the motivation to do it in her own (when she does try she can make great work :wink: )

    But her eye for critiquing and giving advice is second to none... most of my town is based on her advice. :mrgreen:
  • ax0n01
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    edited May 2014
    That looks pretty sweet!
  • GinaandBarry
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    edited May 2014
    I personally think that your park is coming along very nicely! I really like how kid friendly it is, since I try to have kid friendly sections in my own town. I love that you provided nice seating and tables, too. I am jealous of your butterfly tent. ;)

    Going great! :)
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