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They said it was fixed.. but yeah... No, no...


So after the lagging, after three straight days of updates that did nothing annnd 20 free donuts, (like that helps when the last character cost 150) Guess what?

Tapped out still crashes and burns!

Surprised? not really

This time the character finder causes the device to either, reset (power cycle) Crash (force close) or bring up the "cannot connect to server" message And if that was not bad enough, I am noticing that Whatever cash or xp one has collected, that has not been added to to total before these game resets, are lost.

This is especially true and annoying when one has completed a quest that is large in cash and XP and the cash/ XP award maxxes out the bar. no matter where it stops, no matter how loses one is to maxxing the bare out a second time in a row, the game will reset, reload, and you're back to zero with the xp bar- and all the gains are negated.

I've contacted EA about it...

EA knows about it

but has no solution...

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