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Opinion request for potential donut spend

i'm going to say community centre as it's a great premium (luann and cracker factory are great also)

but seriously the bonus multiplier when you get to the current level means very little, you say you already have 18 million in game cash so more cash at this point means nothing plus it still takes a while to get the 3 donuts even when you reach the level cap with a great bonus %

buy the premium you want don't worry about what it pays out or bonus % if you already have 18 million


  • Sercease
    18 posts
    edited May 2014
    Blue Haired Lawyer - Fun character, has a quest chain when get and opens a double up task with burns that I find pretty hilarious.

    Lugash's Gym - He's fun and Milhouse interacts with him with his new gym outfit quest line. Building is a good generator of money but the bright pink is a bit of an eye soar imo, took some work to make it look good.

    Community Center - Really nice building imo, jasper is a lot of fun, most of his tasks are outside which I find preferable. I still crack up at his "paddling" and "take wrong medication" animations.

    Lotto N Liquor - I wasn't overly impressed with this one, Largo had a small quest chain. His tasks are kind of bland as well as the building, imo. Idk, never really stuck out to me.

    Unfinished Shack - Just got couple days ago, still running his quest chain, it's pretty funny. Haven't really looked at his tasks yet as just following the quest chain. Downside on this one is the building doesn't generate money but it does boost money earned so I guess with enough money gen it would make up for not being click-able. I kind of like the building too, nice and small as space is a premium for me now.

    Idk if any of that helped at all, lol. I think Jasper is the best character out of the lot just because he's far more known than some of the others. Personally, if I had to choose, I would probably buy in this order: Community Center, Unfinished Shack, Lugash's Gym, Blue Haired lawyer, Lotto N Liquor.
  • Tara1qt
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    edited May 2014
    Agreed that you will get to a point soon that the multiplier really means nothing. So honestly I would go with whatever one you like the best. I might chose the community center.

    I will also agree that the Cracker Factory is a great buy. Not only do you get Luanne with it, but you also get a premium task for Kirk (I believe its his 8hr run the cracker factory task that pays more than his other 8 hour task).
  • wickedlittle
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    edited May 2014
    'Fun factor' has no business being on a spreadsheet!

    Just kidding.

    I think you sound like you'd like The Community Center the best. Plus, to me, the Lotto N Liquer and Lugash's gym are pretty superfluous buildings to me, seeing that they gave us a non-premium gym and plenty of 'marts' where you could buy both lotto and liqueur.
  • Extremerobin
    39 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    I think all the comments above have me pretty much sold on the Community Centre. Bring on Jasper!!!

    Thanks all.

    (Oh, and for those suggesting the Cracker Factory, I did already grab that on a previous donut spree. But I appreciate that, nonetheless!)
  • Wijsheid
    9653 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Community Center is indeed a good choice. Jasper has very fnny tasks and the building has a great design.
  • juliet603
    17879 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    I agree with what everyone said about not worrying with premium payouts and multipliers when you have so much money. Just go with whichever one you think you'd enjoy the most! :D
  • stingray1122
    8717 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    I recommend the Blue Haired lawyer most of all followed by Jasper and The Community Centre. They both have great tasks.
  • ax0n01
    2385 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    i have the Blue-Hair Lawyer, Lugash and Jasper. I like Lugash most of the three. He's had quest lines with Lisa and Milhouse so far.
  • FWBlackguns
    45 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Have you considered Luann and the Cracker Factory?

    Costs 150 donuts, but comes with three quest lines and her animations are pretty cool too
  • halo_nothing
    483 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Speed up the brown house 90x.
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