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some question about the update

Usually I visit my neighbours during the night.
But the faster you clear a handshake the more emblems you get.
What is the best time to visit??
(sorry, overseas friends, I'm only taking care of the neighbours in my time zone. Everything else would be too complicated...)

How much time do you have to clear a handshake if you still want to get 5 emblems?

Do I just tap any building?
And what about graffiti? Does it help my neighbours if I leave it?

What does the reset of No.1's tasks mean?
(besides the fact that he is unplayable right now)

How many coiled/hooded men are there? 5 or 6 per hour?
And do they accumulate like the bunnies or do they simply disappear if you don't tap them in time?

Thank you for your answers.
This event is going to be so much fun! :D
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