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Not enough time to complete Day One Tasks?

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Yeah, I'm worried that you only have till the end of the day to complete all the tasks, and then at 12 it resets the prizes and starts from the beginning again. I'm currently on my 4th task, but its not going to finish before the time runs out, so I'm not sure whats gonna happen, I assume I'm not getting the 4th prize of 400 emblems, but I hope it at least gets me a head start on tomorrows and gives me the 150 emblems.


  • mcduck90
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    Not just 400. Each time you get a reward in emblems. So far with only 5-6 neighbours and Frink I have managed to reach 1180 in a day. The only downside is that from neighbours you get just 3 emblems per town.

    Moreover by tapping members of The Order you get 4 more per tap and you have up to 6 every few hours. And the daily 60 min or so quests x 4 give you 1000 more emblems per day.

    EDIT n2

    It’s just the first day then it resets for 24 hours
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