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Buying Premium characters for Stonecutters outfits

Well, I still have a plow king skin for Barney sitting in my inventory from xmas, so I think if you win it you can use it later. Of course, the event would be over, bit it would still be neat.

A couple of the characters have moved up on my priority list, for sure. But I bought a truckload and blew them all on the abandoned store, the alien, the pyramid, and the two skins (already had Frink, fortunately) so it might be a while before I can get Stu and Jasper.


  • belfioria
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    edited June 2014
    I imagine outfits for premium characters IS limited time, in the same way Xmas lights for premium buildings was for the last two Xmas events. Have to admit Jasper and Stu jumped up on my priority list with this update.

    (Btw, just saw your post in the "looking for neighbours" thread and sent through a request!)
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