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stonecutter walktrough: do I miss something?

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Theres many, many threads about this already on the forum... just read through them like the rest of us have to, you will find answers to ALL your questions :)


  • philippama998
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    Frimar21 wrote:
    so, I'm reading about puzzle, about "mystery mission"... and I'm wondering what I miss from this event!

    ok, yesterday I was waiting for the lodge, but now I've the lodge, and homer on his first task (be the one), and still I didn't see any scroll, any puzzle... and even visiting my neighborhood I cannot "spy" them, or anyone is spying me...

    when all this will start? after the first homer mission?
    thanks my friend... I would like to spy you, but actually I can't :-)

    Thanks for asking, it seems I am not alone in the dark.

    I saw the walk through posted by a couple of people but couldnt figure out when I would be able to start collecting or get some tasks for Number 1. Even if it might be repetative, could someone help me out here?
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