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40 donuts to speed up a 1hr task!!!



  • GamerGD3
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    dave3490 wrote:
    I like this move by EA, i think it's designed to stop people speeding through the tasks and make the event last, i've had to keep going back into my game every hour or two hours to collect the emblems. Not bad in my opinion if that is the case :-)

    Note: to any players doing the first bit by Number 1 - don't just send one person on the task, if there are several, get them all in there, it means more emblems! :wink:

    Dave, that's interesting about the extra people, extra emblems. I only sent two characters to repent but I still only got the regular amount of emblems for completing the task with just one. I got the extra cash and xp of course but no emblems. I am going to try this again with more people and see if there is a difference. Maybe there are only certain gluttons, dimwits, highrollers etc that actually payout emblems so you have to send the right one?

    It seemed that all of them had to be done with the task when you start the clearing. You also have to make sure you assign the custom task. You have to make sure that the "Get a cold Squishee" is in the text of the task for that character - you can't just send them to the Kwik-E-Mart.

    My last one for today was a 1 hour - so it was 1-1-2-1 for today, I also sent all 5-6 gluttons to get their squishee. So I can report back in an hour to see how many emblems I get. I should get 400 for the final task, but I will see if I get more than that.
  • o0zoe
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    I was able to send all 4 criminals on the volcano tour. Excited for that to end so I can collect!

    Oh and I had 1-1-2-1. I'll be done my 1 quests by noon
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