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  • Marcovarius
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    Luann's task jacuzzi suit is in the episode Fall out boy
  • GamerGD3
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    edited June 2014
    Smithers Whip it task is from the Simpsons Comedy Hour episode - that episode was 3 random stories taking the Simpsons to new locales.

  • bradyc79
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    efin98 wrote:
    The weather station is a reference to one of the flashbacks, IIRC it was part of his vision quest after ingesting the Guatemalan Insanity Peppers during the Chili Cook-off. Homer smashes the first one while dating Marge and during the vision quest he smashes the newest one

    That was one of the best episodes ever for sure!! I loved how they actually brought back the task for Homer, eat the Guatemalan Insanity Pepper, during an earlier quest line. Everyone loved that!!

    Of course, just to show the overall popularity of that episode, many people are requesting the Chili Cook-Off as an entirely new separate event, the next classic episode centric event, ala Stonecutters. I would have to admit, I would love that as well.
  • panopticnic
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    I too am not intentionally being a jerk. However, wth is with all these people who haven't seen the SC episode :? We went to a bday dinner last week and not 5 secs after my SIL got there did we start talking tsto. About 30 secs into the convo she says "wait, stonecutters was an episode". Le sigh. It's only one of the top 10 episodes ever!
  • Bravewall
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    A lot of the in-game references come from the same episodes.

    Johnny Fiestas is a restaurant seen in an episode called The Last of the Red Hot Mamas in which a large chunk of this Easter event draws content from, including Ralph and Nelson's Easter tasks, and Hugs Bunny. (Not to mention Crazy Cat Lady, and Sheri and Teri's Secret Twin Language also make an appearance.)
  • Neglecterino
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    edited June 2014
    So I decided to watch some classics yesterday such as the Stoncutter episode and I was surprise to see that:

    Eggman was from Stonecutter episode
    Training wall was from the episode where Marge becomes a cop
    Herman's job selling jeans was from the same episode

    Any Tapped out reference you know? :)

    I like this idea! Many of the sites do a "where did that come from" for TSTO.

    I posted this parody I made up yesterday with no response. Too obscure?

    Conversation of Tapper with EA (parody of Treehouse of Horror III)

    Tapper:Is the Stonecutters event going to have a "wheel".
    EA: No. Perhaps you will enjoy it. But it is cursed with much work.
    Tapper: Ooooh, that's bad.
    EA: But it comes with free items.
    Tapper: That's good.
    EA: Some of the items require you to have premium characters.
    Tapper: That's bad.
    EA: But you get your choice of which to buy.
    Tapper: That's good.
    EA: The cost may be outrageous for some.
    Tapper: [Stares]
    EA: That's bad for them, good for us.
    Tapper: Can I go play now?

  • empathy77
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    edited June 2014
    Luann in the jacuzzi suit is from the episode where Milhouse is casted as Fallout Boy

    "My eyes! The glasses do nothing!"
  • empathy77
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    edited June 2014
    Burns and Smithers "Money Fight" task is from the episode with Mindy
  • baddazoner
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    dave3490 wrote:
    We need the animated Itch & Sctatchy movie billboard that spilled blood. Dome Depot. And, my personal favorite, The Bear Patrol B2 Bomber.
    spilling blood? doubt it'd make the cut to the game

    I see no harm in it making it into the game though, it is memorable from a couple of episodes and while we are on the subject of billboards, we need 'Lumber King' and Marge's 'Red Blazer Realty' billboards :mrgreen:

    i want this one

  • amcevil
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    I was just watching Season 22 episode 15 "The Scorpion" and I'm pretty sure that's where the Silvertongue comes from at Cletus' Farm.

  • saijake
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    I watched the sixth season recently and I think they have taken something from almost every episode. I can't even remember half from the items I saw. I was going "that's on the game! And that! And that!" Something that hasn't already been mentioned: the oberservatory, Aztec theater and Skating rink. They have taken lot of tasks too from the sixth season, eg. Wolfcastle's shoe lace inspection and Krababbel's strike.
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