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Updates I've noticed...

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hokieborn wrote:
....but haven't seen posted / talked about yet...

1. you can now hide roads/water in the build menu (not sure the value of that)
2. clicking the friend button, after having moved through a bunch of towns, now takes you out to the screen the current town you were in is on, versus back to the screen with the first town you entered.

i.e. you start in other springfield, and go "backwards" 1 town using the left arrow button in the upper corner. If you hit the friends button in the bottom left, you will now see the last set of 3 friends in your list, instead of the first set that includes "other"

I like this feature a lot.

1.I've used it quite a bit since it came out, between the roads and the constant clicking on something and its going to a nearby fence and have ya to repeat it about 6 times depending on whats around the item ya want to click on..it can get annoying. I wish the fence and trees were a separate button also. Its a pain in the * trying to move a tree when there is about 10 fences around it or so.
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