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AHHHH, I want in

Go find a Wi-Fi hotspot. A cafe, library or a million other places can update your game quickly and get you playing. Go find a hotspot now and get tapping!


  • Lmac201
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  • JimJ321
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    Do you live in the lower Sudan??? If not, how do you know about the Simpsons and also have net access???
  • cogitoergosum8
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    The other posters have it right. Most cafes and libraries offer wi-fi, but if you can't find on that does just go to a fast food restaurant like McDonald's and order a soda or something and use their wi-fi. Pretty much every fast food restaurant has wi-fi and they're everywhere.
  • braydend899
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    edited June 2014
    Good ideas, I'll go as soon as I can
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