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yep, my name starts with m, almost no friend actions


  • RynoJordan23
    470 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    Mine starts with R and I get a pretty good amount of visits. Although I've noticed that I'm not getting as many as before the event, so I can see where someone might get frustrated.
  • efin98
    5856 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    I followed Neurohart's lead and spread my visits out across my neighbors, was able to get more emblems that way by only clicking on the temple. You theoretically can get up to 300 emblems that way, so just spread them out as much as you can and give your other neighbors a visit.
  • edited June 2014
    I have about 100 friends and my name started with s,I renamed myself and put a A in front of it since then i have about 10 times more friends actions in my town :D
  • juliet603
    17879 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    I visit all my neighbours everyday but I might start trying the visit the lodge first method then go back and click two buildings after the emblems stop.

    Trouble with that is doesn't it take twice as long as you have to go through them all twice?
  • Wijsheid
    9653 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    Hah, my name starts with W. Almost all my friends give me tokens.
  • KrisV
    1840 posts
    edited June 2014
    Pokelon wrote:
    KrisV wrote:
    After keeping track of my friends on a chart(I didnt get the ones who do it around 3am but its around 10 or so)I have around 30 people who either dont visit at all, or only do 1 tap on the lodge and dont come back...time to start kicking people and adding those who will do 3 taps regardless since I for one always 3 tap friends.

    You actually kept charts...... :O :lol:
    Yes I am for this event. Specially when I find that 1/3 or so of my neighbors weren't visiting and have been getting removed due to not visiting or not doing the full 3 taps when I always 3 tap every single one of my neighbors every day at the same time regardless of an event going on or not.
  • mpwarner
    2971 posts
    edited June 2014
    I'm M and I get more than enough. Probably not as many as some though.
    In the majority i have really good neighbours :oops: it must be said
  • sammysound
    113 posts
    edited June 2014
    I'm an s so I'm not getting much but to the friends that are visiting
    Thank you

    Please add me if you are as obsessed as I am
  • JimJ321
    4206 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    The work a a tapper is never done.
  • lauriegator
    306 posts
    edited June 2014
    L here.

    I am another one of those people who tap everyone daily. Before the event, I tapped 3 buildings then went to the next person. Since the event, I do make sure to click the emblems. I did discover that the money clears much faster than it did before the event started.

    My steady friends have been with me for close to a year. The ones who are new ( added after Easter Event killed off a bunch of my daily friends) are the ones that don't visit as much. I may keep track next week, but for now, I am very happy.

    For 100 friends, I probably spend 20 - 30 minutes a day tapping. I just like visiting and the occasional Donut doesn't hurt. I really don't expect everyone to visit every day, life tends to get in the way. Since all of my friends have their lodges built, I haven't needed to drop anyone. The event is still new, so I figure we are all getting the hang of it.
  • maximbarne126
    3911 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    I'm 'm' and plenty of people visit me. :-\
  • Walkinmoo
    14 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    W here and have never had any issues with lack of visits!

    I tend to try and visit all my friends list each day, so feel that my friends must be doing the same
  • crosby357
    3051 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    I have a neighbor with the user name Aaaron00. Clever.
  • Jesfer72
    90 posts
    edited June 2014
    I visit all my neighbors that are running the event. Any neighbors that havent logged on in a long time or started the event I deleted. I have added new neighbors and found that they only click the stonecutters building and not another two have also been deleted. Any neighbor who hasn't visited within the 36 hours after I visited them are also being deleted cause I am not helping them if they don't help me. There are millions of players so finding new neighbors isn't hard.
  • JRCS98
    49 posts
    edited June 2014
    I'm a J, so I'm probably at the middle of people's friends list.

    Since the event started, I've been doing friends in reverse and not visiting 'Other Springfield' until last.
  • VoiceofScully
    153 posts
    edited June 2014
    I have 2 towns..this one, and another that starts with t. In my 't' town, I noticed most of my visitors are from the latter half of the alphabet (I have at least one friend for each letter of the alphabet cause I'm weird like that). I think some of us late letter tappers are looking out for each other a little bit. I haven't paid attention in my 'v' town, though.
  • cakeinvestigator
    121 posts
    edited June 2014
    I actually changed my username to a c a while just cause of that. lol
  • BeximusMaximus
    74 posts
    edited June 2014
    I'm a B, but I'm not getting a huge amount of neighbours visiting to be honest. Bit of a pain. I always go through my whole list so no one misses out, but it's difficult when you can't control your visitors. I've even put in extra houses to make sure there's things to tap on.
  • NMayo
    898 posts
    edited June 2014
    I think you need new neighbors.. I get more visits then I can take care of at one time usually every time I log in and my name starts with N.
  • chud3
    143 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    i got rid of all my neighbors that don't have the lodge built by now, but i make sure i go through and tap every neighbor during events (not so much when i only get cash). oddly, i have more "m" neighbors than any other letter.
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