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Tapped Out? more like Crashed Out!

Or maybe Locked out... would be a more appropriate name for this farce.

I am still asking why it is so hard for EA to make a cross platform stable release of this game.

There are several similar games on the market that are newer and their developers actually take the time to ensure stability. Why is that so much to ask from EA?

Why is it that EA Customer Service is always "Aware of your concern" but the problems never get fixed, or worse yet in a half hearted attempt to LOOK like they are doing something, they break something else.

Yesterday and the day before, I posted similar threads asking this question. I even asked - for those die hard EA brown-nosers that believe EA can do no wrong- for a list of Devices that could properly support this game

For my part i listed OS's and devices that seem to have trouble.

But the EA watchdogs Pulled it down

So I am asking again.

If EA (or it's agents) Want to continue to INSIST that it is a Device issue, what Devices or OS's are compatible.

I know that

Gingerbread Devices have problem with this game
KitKat devices have issues with this game
Samsung Devices i.e- Transform Ultra, Galaxy s5, s4, etc
Kindle Fire
IPad Air

and Bluestacks is the strongest of all these considering that bluestacks is only limited by the limitations of one's computer, which is arguably stronger/ better enhanced than any smartphone or tablet.

So I ask again.

What device would be acceptable - so that the game can be played?

Can EA actually make a stable release for this game

how long will it take for this to be removed or locked by the watch dogs?

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