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Got this reply today...

I think by now we have all learnt that by 3-4PM (UK time) send everyone on 24 hour jobs


  • lauren122688
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  • caprici424
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    Blah blah blah, that's the same old tripe they've been spewing...without really saying anything. If nothing else, it would be good of them to extend the Christmas quests time frame, since we've all been having considerable issues since it began. They have enough info to know that they SHOULD, even if they wouldn't yet know how long to extend it for. If they do, it would be considerate of them to throw us a meager bone and tell us that during all of this craziness.

    I think it would go a long way to give us the feeling that not only are they working to get up and running again, but that they also care about making the situation right with their customers.
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