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Thanks for the schedule explanation

To direwolf and annette, as well as all other ponderers:

The schedule now makes sense to me and hopefully to others. I don't like not being able to figure something out, and honestly, the world of numbers is beyond me. Oddly, I'm good at theory, but not application.

It is appreciated.

Check it out:

<<<Think of each day's four tasks as a four-course-meal on a restaurant "menu"
Appetizer = Task One. (Top left corner.)
Soup = Task Two. (Top right corner.)
Entree = Task Three. (Bottom left corner.)
Dessert = Task Four. (Bottom right corner.)

You may only have ONE of each course.
The courses must be in order (Appetizer, soup, entree, dessert)

Look at the time your next Parchment Puzzle unlocks (by clicking on the Parchment)
Until your new Parchment Puzzle unlocks, you can only order off YESTERDAY's "menu"
Once your new Parchment Puzzle unlocks, you can only order off of TODAY's "menu"

You must finish all four courses to earn the full 1,000 emblems.
Be sure to eat your dessert!

Does that make sense? Too silly?

Incidentally, has anyone else noticed that this thread has had almost 20,000 views, meaning there are thousands of people out there, some of whom probably fled on foot after the first few posts, but some of whom may have suffered through almost 600 posts of confusion and programmers' solutions, and stories about talking computers, and all-around chaos, until good old direwolf came up with -- in essence -- "So am I the only one who's noticed that the Parchment sets at the same time as the task pattern calendar does?" >>>
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