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Doughnut confirm switched off again. :o(

Mine hasn't turned off the last few updates, I'm hoping it stays this way. I remember when I got a new tablet in January and was able to go on TSTO again, the donut confirmation was off and I forgot about it. I was scrolling through, looking at what content had been added since October, when my tablet broke, and accidentally purchased Jimbo for 120 donuts. It was bad enough doing that, but also the fact I brought a golden scratcher for the first time just before and won 100 donuts!


  • MusicBooks960
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    brewdog79 wrote:
    Not sure how or when because I'm pretty good about checking after every update, but I lost doughnuts today because of it. Check your settings.
    Sorry to hear about your loss, and hope it wasn't too many. It seems to happen quite often to many people, if they check it or not. I'm absent-minded, to put it nicely, so I always forget to check after an update. So far, I guess I've just been very lucky. Either that, or EA just figures with the horrendous amount of money I've already poured into this game, that I'll just buy more donuts later anyway. Unfortunately, there is no money whatsoever in my budget for frivolity right now, or at very least not until the next time Gil has a sale. :D If I run out of the few donuts I have left before then, I guess I'm screwed. :cry:
  • lee67628
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    If the confirmation has turned off somehow, and u accidentally buy a building or speedy up a task, here's a tips.... The building-construction takes about 6 seconds, and speeding of tasks also takes a few seconds; so try to tap it again quickly to stop it. If u are quick enough, the action will be aborted without any donuts deducted.
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  • stingray1122
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    Mine switched off for the stonecutter update but has been fine since.
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