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How many free donuts have you collected while visiting neighbors today?



  • Neglecterino
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    dave3490 wrote:
    dave3490 wrote:
    getting one donut a day just now, there may be the odd day when nothing falls but still about one a day

    The other day last week was a fun one though, two donuts visiting neighbours - 20 donuts for completing Bart and Lisa's quest, and then 30 donuts in a mystery box :mrgreen:

    For you it's...


    [Edit: Grammar police.]

    It would seem that way, however, i do remember reading about others who have had the same kind of luck, in some cases, much better than what i recieved. It's good that it seems that the odds have been changed slightly for getting donuts free. Freemium players hopefully are getting a slightly better chance of earning more donuts these days than they were in the good old days when they were rarer than a rocking horses shi.... shiny shoes, yesh, shiney shoes. Phew, got away with that one :lol:

    And its working for EA. Wife and I are both feemium. Loving the Stonecutters event. Donuts galore! So my wife gave me donuts for Father's day. Now I'm "premium-gifted". :)

    [Edit: Typo.]
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