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AH, I have just accidentally used my donuts on a stupid boardwalk performer

I am furious with myself, this is not the first time I have accidentally used up my donuts saved from playing the latest Stonecutter update. With the most recent update for level 42 the "confirm donut spend" had been switched off. And there I was just browsing through the decorations trying to find a bush and hit the fiddler from the boardwalk. ****!!! 50 donuts that I have worked hard to get, gone. On a bloody character that only walks the boardwalk and no tasks!!!

Lets be clear I am a true freemium player or whatever you call us. I have not spent any money on the game but have been around since the beginning through all the * server issues and waiting for updates so have saved up donuts in my time. I have managed to save 150 and used it to get the school bus and Otto because he is one of my favourite characters

List of other stupid things I have accidentally bought with donuts saved -

Cozy hammock - valentines day update - 20 donuts
Tetherball - 20 donuts
Shauna - 90 donuts (ok at least she does tasks)
and now
stupid bloody Boardwalk fiddler - 50 donuts

If only we could sell these back at the price we paid....

Have any of you accidentally bought things with donuts when you were trying to save? Please share your stories with me!
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