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Donut Use Errors & Potential Update Resolution

I have been losing donuts lately due to the difficulty in tapping the Stonecutter Spying Emblems left by others in my Springfield. I do have the double layer of protection turned on, but in my tapping frenzy I am accidentally overriding this protection. I seem to always be opening another buildings options menu instead of tapping the emblem. Due to my tapping style I am hitting "accept second level donut expense approval" and "close menu" options almost instantaneously, then I am unable to reenter that previous menu fast enough to cancel the purchase/use. This is 100% my fault and not a bug or glitch, but I still wanted to pose this proposition.

On the next update can we get an option to enable a code to allow donut expense, like a 3 digit code that we have to key in or something along those lines to replace the second level use protection or in addition to, or as an alternative to that current level of protection. A second, easier thought was simply to have the override window appear at one of the bottom corners of the screen instead of directly over-top of the button I previously pressed by accident to start the fiasco. This may not be a large enough problem to dedicate an effort towards especially since the game is driven by donut use to in turn drive monetary sales through the store, but if it could be implemented somehow that would be just amazing as it is becoming increasingly frustrating.
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