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Dear neighbor, thank you


  • tlindfors
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    edited December 2012
    cassia-I visit your town every day neighbor, I think you have a great Springfield and next time I go there you better get your mop out...you are gonna need it! :D
  • redshift9
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    edited December 2012
    I want to thank all my neighbors, new and old for all their help.
    Even with all the problems with EA/Origin, I can't imagine not having enough Santa coins to get even Santa's Little Helper before January 3.
    It was really cool of you to decorate your houses and even add a few brown ones so it would be easier for me.
    It was extra cool of you to do your best to tap what you thought would help my other neighbors and the community at large while visiting my Springfield.
    I am sorry if I haven't added enough brown houses to keep all of you continuously satisfied.

    While you continue to visit my Springfield, please feel free to tap at will. I do not consider it your job to keep my other neighbors happy. I will continue to visit you and reap my benefits, occasionally vandalizing rather than waiting 45 seconds for your Simpson's house to regenerate if you have not finished decorating. I do not expect the same from you. You do what you want. Do your thing

    If my Springfield does not satisfy, do as you see fit. Now, or after this silliness.

    Thanks again :)

    Well said. A big thank you to all my neighbors, too!
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