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Login verification not doing what I thought it would.

In a thread the other day (http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/25/10114476.page) there was concern that some were again having people end up in their SF. Someone said they had turned on "login verification" on the Origin site.

Sounded to me like this would be worth trying. I thought the idea would be that after doing this, if I logged into my SF on another device, I'd have to type in a security code. And hoping that if someone else ended up in my SF, they would have to type the code in, and would not have it. Well I tried it and it did not prompt me for a security code. Email and password was all that was required.

But sure enough, every time I login to Origin in a browser now I have to enter a security code! :)

Android for me, if it matters.
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