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New prize idea

Ratmans suspected prizes
Homer Buddha skin-120 zerolion coins
Extra bank-200 zerolion coins
Monorail- 20,000 zerolion coins
The overlord (a blacked out character which you find out who it is by buying it. Or coming on the forum)- 100, zerolion coins


  • phoebexlois
    975 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    Seems like an alright idea! Could think of more ideas of prizes, maybe more that cost a bit more (like the monorail), in case it is too easy for some of them. Overall, a good idea. Not sure if any thing like this will get added, but I love reading ideas like this as any thing could happen!
  • JimJ321
    4206 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    If I read this correctly, which I feel did, then I believe this may be the best idea in the illustrious history of this fine forum. Bravo Ratman, Bravo!!!
  • maxeerg
    1010 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    The prize should be your life. If you fail...zzzzzzaaaaapppp. DRT.
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