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For those asking to extend the Stonecutters event. STOP. Read why



  • aSkydude252
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    edited July 2014
    You really are incredibly dependent on your friends in this event, more so than most. You can get up to 1500 emblems a day from tapping the spy-camera-pyramids your friends leave (and 300 from friend visits with only lodge tapping for the first 60 taps), but obviously few will ever reach that.

    There's also the luck element regarding the length of #1 Tasks. I got ~55K emblems, but I can see how some folks could have run into some issues.
  • lordofther542
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    edited July 2014
    cara252 wrote:
    I actually am enjoy the family guy game soo much more. No bugs or issues and it's actually funny. It might take longer to do things but they don't cram a crap load of high priced items in the game. Just my opinion.

    Sorry, this is of topic, but... Are you kidding? This whole event has been cramed full high priced items! It just seemed like a shameless money grab to me in the end.

    Anyway, on topic... I don't think they will extend the event, but if a lot of people are asking for an extension, I don't mind if they do. And even if they don't, people are allowed to ask for an extension on a public forum without having their private life questioned.
    Keep in mind that you may be able to extend the event a little by not updating until the game forces you.

    And it's awesome to see that you don't read properly. I said the family guy game doesn't cram a bunch of high priced items in there events. It's all stuff that you could use, but don't need or want unlike the simpsons game.
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