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Oh, Dark Side...

It's not the dark side. If some people didn't pay, the game wouldn't be around. :)


  • neuroheart
    8132 posts Member
    edited July 2014
    I spent money to get everything stonecutter, as well. Then I spent the leftovers and what I got from the event on the community center and so now I have no donuts. (And then I found out fireworks decorations will cost donuts, and I'm sad. Even if I still had any, I'd prefer to get characters or consumerism buildings, but I did want some fireworks because I just barely missed them last year.)
  • EldarOfSuburbia
    307 posts
    edited July 2014
    It's going to be a long haul now to get the remaining premium items so I can use the skins: Arnie Pye (90), Jasper/Community Center (150) and finally Disco Stu (190). 430 donuts. Considering it took me 5 months to get the 250 for Barney...
  • ottobusdude
    107 posts
    edited July 2014
    I would happily buy some donuts, but the other day I did a quick calculation of what it would take to buy everything and the result was either buy donuts or a new X-box 1 :?
    No contest :lol:
  • A_KidAndHisCape
    301 posts Member
    edited July 2014
    Easy choice there...

    Tapped Out will be around A Lot longer and will give you Way More enjoyment than an XBone
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