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Cleaning out the neighbors.

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mycosmsea wrote:
I am cleaning out my friends list. I am deleting under these circumstances:
1) Have not played in three days or more.
2) Have a house farm.

I am on the look for dedicated friends that have nice towns. I currently have room so send requests, please. I am a daily player, who even plays between events. Thank you.

I am trying to spread out my town, play multiple times a day, visited your town every day since I asked to be your neighbor, but have a house farm in my landing zone. Sorry to lose you but I'll get someone else who isn't picky.


  • bryanl1983
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    edited July 2014
    Why does it matter what their town looks like? As long as they actively play and you can actually perform your friend tasks in their towns daily who cares if they have a house farm? Ever thought that some people can't be on constantly so they have those house farms so that all their friends can perform actions in the event that they can't log in to clear off the previous people?
  • michaelslau
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    edited July 2014
    Everyone has their own taste i suppose :)

    feel free to add mine if you want, i like to plan my towns nicely.
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