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Stupid EA Customer Support

sounds about right.


  • ghoulfication
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    edited July 2014
    well mine being turn out like this

    just got email back from EA Not bloody happy they not even answering my bloody question which everybody here and million of other simpsons tapp out fan being waiting for here the third email they sent me below look what they said....

    Thank you for contacting us again.

    Its sad to know that the suggested troubleshooting did not work. Please let me know the exact date on which you were able to play the game without any problem. I will roll back your game to that date to resolve your issue.

    Please be aware though that restoring a backup to your town will reset the town to the state it was in at the time the backup was taken. This means there is a possibility of lost progress, such as xp, money, donuts & any items or characters you may have purchased.

    Please reply directly to this email advising if you would like to go ahead with the restore and the last date that you were able to play correctly. If you have any other questions about this procedure please feel free to ask and I will be more than happy to answer you.

    And remember to keep up to date on all things The Simpsons Tapped Out please visit the official forums at :http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/categories/show/233.page

    I request you to please update on the same mail so that we can provide you a higher level of support.

    That second time they ask me that same bloody question we reset ur town

    here what i responded

    Hi Are you kidding me everybody experiencing this same problem since the simpsons Stone cutter event ended right after that all The simpsons tap out player cant even play the town everybody cant even play the game when we press the simpsons tap out app it load we see donut spin then the game close off

    when are you releasing the update to fix the glitch???? its not just me who saying this i got friend who cant play other people cant play my sisters who love this game cant play it

    its been nearly 2 week now nobody can play

    Then they sent me another email they completely ignore my question is when are u releasing patch/update fix it they did not say word they just sent me this

    Thank you for getting back to us with requested information.

    please provide us the other vital requested information to assist you further because without these information we are unable to assist you further.

    So, kindly please provide us the below information:
    Ignore the particular information you have already provided.

    - Game Name:
    - Game Version:
    - Type of Bug:
    - Description of how error occurred:
    - Device type:
    - Modem Firmware:
    - Memory Capacity:
    - Number of Applications:
    - Capacity:
    - Available:
    - Screen shot attached: (y/n)

    Additionally, I suggest you to please visit our game forums to have more information regarding the game. Please follow the below link to locate the same: http://answers.ea.com.

    I request you to please update on the same mail so that we can provide you a higher level of support.

    you see what the hell they not telling me when is release patch going to be done just keep stalling me

  • bren1960
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    edited July 2014
    Some idiot at customer support decided to close my ongoing case that is being worked on by the "expert team" instead of a case which I was told to open to ask for updates on the original case.

    My game has been broken for months. They've had 2 months since I reported the issue and have continuously screwed me over. This is the final straw. I think I'm done from the game because of complete incompetency from the non-English understanding "support" staff.

    Absolutely ridiculous that they don't read what is presented in front of them or even ask before closing something that could potentially ruin somebody's chances of having their game fixed. They even wrote a bullsh*t speech to me telling me about how I should have patience. F**k right off when you just completely f**ked me over!


    What's wrong with your game?
  • monkeyman_199059
    258 posts
    edited July 2014
    My town has areas where if I try to place buildings/decorations my game completely freezes.
    So I can no longer design my town and can't really place new buildings as every time I try to move older buildings to clear space another area of my town becomes unplayable with the freeze glitch. Having no new land for so long hasn't helped.
    I have empty spaces all over my town but I can't place anything in them anymore.
    Really sucks not being able to play what is essentially a design your own Springfield game when you can't design how you want anymore.
  • morphboo785
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    edited July 2014
    EA closed my case thinking i hadn't bother to reply to their message, when i already did and they obviously hadn't got around to seeing it or ignored it.

    I think the must frustrating part is that EA have not even bothered to acknowledge the numerous issues people are experiencing the moment and that is really sad for a big company.

    Try installing it on a different device if you have one and then uninstall it from the original device and reinstall it.
    You have probably done all of this though.
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