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New Land

A topic that has been beaten to death already ;) short answer is that no one really knows... land has apparently been in the "files" for a while now and the forum is divided on whether we think the land is going to be released any time soon.


  • AJtheboss1
    3869 posts Member
    edited July 2014
    There will be a land expansion some time this year. Does this help? :lol:

    A lot of us need more land, we just have to wait and be patient. With any luck we might get it before the summer is over. Fingers crossed!
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  • Wijsheid
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    edited July 2014
    Well darn, misleading title.
  • mr_skeltal_80
    18104 posts Member
    edited July 2014
    Wijsheid wrote:
    Well darn, misleading title.

    Yeah, and even worse. I fall for it every time someone makes a thread likes this. :roll:
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