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Eddie and Lou stuck in Springfield

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EDIT: Nevermind. I found the answer in a different thread in FAQs. Apparantly they will be able to go there as soon as the Ferris wheel is completed.


Anyone else not able to complete 'Sensible Eating pt 2' in Krustyland because Eddie and Lou wont show up? The task is to have them both 'Overload a plate at the One Plate Maximum Buffet' but if I go to Krustyland they are not there. They are both free and available in Springfield so they should show up in KL like the rest of the characters when I move there.

Am I alone here?

In fact, if I open the task bar (when in Springfield) and click on either of their tasks I get a prompt saying that I have to do this in Krustyland. If I choose to go to Krustyland I get a new prompt as soon as I arrive saying that Eddie/Lou is in Springfield and it even asks me if I want to go back.
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