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Christmas House Issues [SOLVED]

When you buy the decorations for any of the houses, it simply a facade.
When you tap on each house you have a choice to switch from normal house to Christmas house by swiping to the left or right with your finger.
When you tap on the house, look at the top right and there should be a + or a - sign.
If its a + sign then tap it to reveal the choice of facade you want.


  • thejazzdiva
    220 posts Member
    edited December 2012
    The house can be put in "Christmas" mode the same way you can change to "Devil Flanders" or "Myan

    You have to tap the house to bring up the Income Tax menu. You should see the decorated house to the right in the shaded section. If you just slide the house to the right, the decorated house will be in the window, and the title will say Christmas xxx. xxx is whatever building you are tapping.

    Hope that helps...
  • exoucia
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    edited December 2012
    Thanks alot guys!!

    Didn't notice it before and now I feel like such a noob! :lol:

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