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House Farming

Hello guys

I don't actually know if this question has ever been asked so I thought I'd create a new topic :-)

Some people hate house farmers while others don't mind them. I don't personally house farm and I was just wondering what are the benefits?

I've maxed out Level 24 so I don't need the XP however contemplating it, I wouldn't mind the extra money it'd bring in over time.

So for the house farmers out there, is it worth it?
I mean I understand Springfield's look some what.... terrible, with all the houses piled on top of houses however how much money does it generate?

There are some house farms I've seen that have tons of land and that's obviously because it generates so much money. I've been adding friends and compared to others, my town is quite small :? I feel while playing the game legitimately has it's benefits I wouldn't mind extra money so I can have my town how I want it.

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