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FP bonuses

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I wish they would add a FP prize with every level update. That would be great, after the Stonecutter event I have stopped visiting friends. Yeah I'm missing out on the potential for a couple free donuts but eh "honey badger don't care".


  • bubsx3
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    edited July 2014
    I agree even if they brought in 2 or 3 things to work towards every update instead of heaps of premium stuff just add one to the FP it's not like they will lose a lot of money for one item when they release 4-5 premiums
  • ShadyLady876
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    edited July 2014
    I think it would be a good idea to add multiple items to work towards each time, instead of one.
    Equally I am more than happy to visit all my friends each day for the chance of free donuts and cash as I am halfway to the Sit and Rotate.
  • NeoSEC28
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    edited July 2014
    I would have thought we are due another prize to work towards soon :)
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  • AOFIGO009
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    edited July 2014
    I agree! Big time! EA love to trumpet the community side of this game, but in down periods like this when there's nothing to work towards people stop visiting their friends and leaving their own town tappable, meaning that people who want to visit friends because it's fun, they like exploring other people's towns, and, c'mon, donuts (!) lose out, and every event where we need "neighbours, always there for one another!" We see a mad dash because nobody is ready for it!!
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