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Rebuilding a "nuked" Springfield

Placed instantly


  • frogmommy15
    77 posts Member
    edited August 2014
    Is anything left behind when you nuke your town? Like Homer's house or other items that you typically cannot store? What about the garbage? Do all the roads disappear? Do your star ratings go back to zero until you start placing items back?
  • dpstockholm
    6 posts
    edited August 2014
    Everything into your inventory except The Simpson's house. All the debris remains. All meters back to zero stars.... :)
  • gem_gem14
    21 posts
    edited August 2014
    I am currently rebuilding after doing this. NEVER AGAIN!

    The simpsons house, lemon tree and krusty shuttle is all that was left, if I remember rightly. Everything else goes, roads, pavements the lot, gone!
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