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What is Your Total Payout Multiplier From Premium Items?



  • hankscorpio23
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    I have a whooping 1.8% increase from mediocre misery box winnings plus 4.5 stars.
  • Burnin_TODI
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    Ryansmach wrote:
    Make sure you don't have any boost items in your inventory. Here's the list I use, sure its replicated/more complete elsewhere:

    Springfield Sign 4.50%
    Ray Gun 3.50%
    Cauldron 2.25%
    Tire Fire 2.00%
    Itchy Balloon 2.00%
    News Van 1.00%
    Piece-of-Crap Car 0.75%
    Worldwide Broadcast Dish 0.75%
    Burning Bush 0.50%
    Apple Tree 0.50%
    Orange Tree 0.50%
    Tree Swing 0.50%
    Snowball II Balloon 0.50%
    Ambulance 0.50%
    Homer's Hammock 0.25%
    Bench (Coat) 0.25%
    Green Dumpster 0.25%
    Flower Planter 0.25%
    White Picket Fence 0.05%

    I had the cauldron in storage after halloween (along with the jack-o-lanterns and spooky trees) but 2.25%? Well, now there will be a secret coven site in the woods of East Springfield.

    31.5% + 4.5% (conformity) = 36% Total

    Don't forget:

    Canon 0.50%
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