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Golden Scratcher Odds

There are odds out there, but we are not supposed to link to outside websites. The average amount of donuts you will get per scratcher is 13.2, so you most definitely should NOT buy 100 scratchers instead of a boatload. Your expected winnings would be only 1,320 donuts instead of 2,400. It would be highly, highly unlikely that you would get lucky enough with the scratchers to get more than 2,400.


  • richardaca969
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    Thanks. I figured it was probably the case.
  • JimJ321
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    The house always wins.
  • Sgt D Dodson
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    JimJ321 wrote:
    The house always wins.
  • lee67628
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    Does anyone know if there are odds for the golden scratchers out there?
    For Scratch-R, the odds are as follows:
    350 1/3
    500 1/3
    750 1/5
    1,250 1/10
    2,500 1/25
    10,000 1/100

    Similarly, Golden Scratch-R share the same odds:
    6-D 1/3
    9-D 1/3
    12-D 1/5
    20-D 1/10
    50-D 1/25
    100-D 1/100
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  • KMonk023
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    Ya you're definitely better off buying the boatload like others have said. I won the 100 donut jackpot on maybe my 3rd or 4th Golden Scratch-R, but I did a few after that and wasn't so lucky. Maybe you could buy a boatload and then try buying 5 Golden Scrath-Rs to test the odds/your luck.
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