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Path to earn more money?

I had the same dilemma before I started krustyland. I decided to postpone krustyland because I couldn't afford to have my characters there instead of in Springfield earning me money. Some people found a way to do both but that was just me.
Setting your characters on shorter tasks and playing more frequently and visiting 100 neighbours each day will earn you more money. House farming may also be an option for you, if you don't mind the look of it!


  • urlaub694
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    edited August 2014
    I built only the first few buildings to both, then maxed out my levels and finished them all.
  • arnarn1124
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    edited August 2014
    I guess it won't hurt to build at least 2-3 buildings on squidport and krustyland and then continue with springfield until I'm level 40 and have enough money :-)

    Btw, I read that there was a bug when krustyland was introduced, the buildings in krusty overlaps or somewhat shows up in the springfield and as a result. EA or developers gave 600 donuts and a bunch of krustyland tickets and the reward still continues up to now. hope this is still in effect. :P
  • mmessina15
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    arnarn1124 wrote:
    Hello, I'm currently at level 27 and just started building the squidport and havent started the krustyland. I don't use real money (donuts ingame). I need advice for those experienced or high levels which should be my priority to gain money faster. Should I focus on my springfield or squidport or krustyland first? thank you.

    The way I found it best to gain more money in a short period of time is to buy space, put a dozen or so of the pink houses (the one that earns money every 4 hours) and visit the game frequently to collect the "rent." Also if you are able to play regularly like every 4 or 8 hours, setting tasks to coincide will help gain more money as well. Also, get those stars on the conform-o-meter up so you get the bonuses (which max out at 5%). If you ever drop money, which I didn't do until getting to level 43, you can get that bonus up pretty high. I think the max is crazy like 600% (I could be wrong) but I am at 72.9% bonus from the extra buildings. Plus it is nice to have more tasks and characters. Good luck!
  • Stedson350v
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    I didn't start this game until about a month or two ago (almost lvl 17) and just now started adding friends. I was amazed when I saw some low level peoples towns that are massive and high level peoples that are just insane. I don't know if they get that from house farming or buying money but I don't feel like doing either haha. Too cheap to buy fake money and OCD gets the best of me for the house farming. I guess I'll just have to deal with a pretty plain town haha.
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