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Cannot connect to server.

I hadnt been able to get in all day...then when it finally opened..it wanted to start back at the very beginning of the game. I tried signing out and back in..but still the same. Really sucks. Hope its a glitch.


  • BrownMamba84
    40 posts
    edited August 2014
    FeeJay1111 wrote:
    Getting this a lot tonight. Not getting into my Springfield. Something up?

    Hopefully fixing glitches, fingers crossed. :lol:

    At one point does it start freezing? Or does it just say, "Cannot connect to server?"

    Because mine just stop loading at Homer's splash screen
  • Willowstara
    7 posts
    edited August 2014
    Yeah, it just did it to me as well. I had logged in, started to finish the jobs, and then suddenly it takes me back to the loading screen, the little donut is still moving but it doesn't load at all, there's no cannot connect to server message either.
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