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Is level 44 achievement going to be honoured

When level 44 is released, you will be automatically leveled up to 44


  • teo47
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    edited August 2014
    Level 44 doesn't exist yet, but if you have filled your Level 43 XP requirement you'll be advanced to 44 immediately once it is released.
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  • mwdalton
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    edited August 2014
    Yes, you'll automatically level up when level 44 arrives. Until then, enjoy the 1-3 free donuts each time you hit a bonus level.
  • GamerGD3
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    edited August 2014
    Like many of you I have worked my way through all the available levels and am now just playing to earn cash for when new levels become available. After playing for a week at level 43 I earned enough XP to level up I then received the message that I had reached the maximum level available at this time, now my level counter sits at 43 when I have actually reached level 44 and if I continue playing until EA get off their collective * and come up with some new content I am very shortly be at level 45. Is EA going to honor the achievements recognize that while we are waiting and continuing to play we will be reaching the required XP to level up. My XP counter now shows that I need to collect 403008 XP for my next level up, how much will I actually need when new levels are released? I definitely think that these achievements should be recognized by EA and rewarded accordingly.

    Welcome to the club! Well first off, you won't auto level to 45 either. This is your chance to get donuts. Each level up you get 1-3 donuts. You can basically level infinite amounts of times now, but each level up the xp cap increases. But when the next level is released you will only be up to that level. Then the xp bar will reset, and you'll have to complete at least 1 level up of xp to be set to go to 45. Enjoy getting donuts. Convert cash to donuts via blood mobiles. But we will be getting another strip of land soon, so probably should hold off on that.
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