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Who knows W?

Its waldo secret name. But where is waldo? No seriously no idea


  • mr_skeltal_80
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    edited August 2014
  • spidergirl79
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    edited August 2014
    Pokelon wrote:
    I just got the following message....I didn't know I'd sent W on a mission called *ERROR, but it seems he/she finished it anyway! LOL :lol:


    I got the same thing except mine said 'Whitney', not 'W'. Are the Spuckler kids notifying us when they have collected the max amount, now?
  • Pokelon1970
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    edited August 2014
    Good thinking Spidergirl, except I only have the first one for now....let me check something.

    Edit : nope she's only due in 13 days.
  • Troy711
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    edited August 2014
    What the...?

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