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Potential Major Glitch! Warning!

I saw a lot of players were having this glitch in the comments here- http://tstoaddicts.com/2014/08/19/clash-of-clans-live-ios/

I haven't noticed because you earn more gold or whatever if your building isn't destroyed, though I totally get what you're trying to achieve playing between two accounts. Might be best to hold off, or just click sooner, until the glitch gets ironed out.


  • sandwedgeking
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    edited August 2014
    leeana69 wrote:
    Hey there,

    Has anyone else experienced shields disappearing if they travel to KL??

    My B town sent one attacker to 5 each of houses in my A town, with the intention of waiting out 10 hours to get the maximum gold and elixir. I then logged into my A town and was cleaning up handshakes and tasks, saw the shields left from my B town, then travelled to KL. When i got back, the shields were gone and no gold or elixir was awarded to either town. The shields were just.....gone, which means the nerds i sent were wasted!! :/

    Bummer . . . but I can't resist:
    leeana69 wrote:
    Major Glitch!
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