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With EAs payout changes, should we defend houses at all now?

Basically, if no-one clears shields from their houses, everyone wins.

The one major flaw is that in a very short time, there won't be any attackable houses left because it takes too long to fully destroy them since most people attack with just one nerd. I already have several neighbors who rarely have anything to attack in their towns because they're letting their houses collapse (and they don't have house farms). It might be good for them and their other attackers, but it's not so good for me.


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    I would love to go along with this but its impossible to get everyone on board. So basically I would not be defending there taps while they defend against me and I get half the amount on both ends. So while it is a good idea it could never happen. Although if a few of my neighbors agree to do it I will to.
  • Ningyo42
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    It is a great idea, but like it was said, it would be hard to get enough people on board. :(
  • anonymous958
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    I clear the handshakes to see what neighbors have visited my town. I assume they are on board with leaving the shields. I go to their towns and attack with 5 nerds. At the end of the day, I check the wrecked homes and see if it was my "on board neighbors". If not, I don't go back, and go elsewhere.

    ITMT, yes, I've taken houses out of storage or bought new ones... I'm sitting on millions, so what the heck. I like white houses because they fit on deleted roads. I'm a "temporary house farmer" for this event.

    Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't.
  • Neglecterino
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    Before you attempt this strategy make sure you do not have the bug that some have reported where going to visit friends repairs all buildings and removes all shields; like what happens if you go to KL.

    Good luck!
  • tommy1724
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    I'm rarely one to jump on the dump on EA bandwagon, but this pay-out drop SUCKS. It has turned this into a grind of major proportions. Had almost convinced a couple of real life friends with long dormant town to get back in, but now there's little point.

    To be clear, I am not saying Boo-urns.
  • shaygitz
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    I think it's a good idea, I've been wondering lately if I should do it. When I go to other towns, I'm looking for a good number of burned-out/smoking houses, an indication that the person isn't defending and I might get the max payout for an attack. I assume others are doing likewise, and will be more likely to attack my town if it appears undefended. I'll make up for the lousy payout in volume.
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    Aww, I should've checked here first. I didn't realize the payouts changed, and I just defended a bunch of houses lol. Oops! I will stop defending now too. This event might be difficult to complete now!
  • epolng
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    The majority of people who play games never read a message board. It is going to be fairly hard to get enough people on board to play this way. If you limit yourself to only a select few folks you play this update with you are soon going to run out of anything to attack because those select people are not clearing their buildings but once or twice a day. If you want to leave buildings undefended that is fine, but I don't think you will get enough people doing it.
  • keithzilla208
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    I noticed the prize drop as well. All I can say is just keep throwing nerds out there and see if quantity makes up for it. After throwing a bunch of nerds out at night to neighbors and invaders, I recently got about 2100 elixir the next morning.
  • 4junk3000
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    I've been consistently sending one per building, hitting 3 buildings pet neighbor. Revenging my castles, and red dice to attack random castles only.

    Comparing my gold count to my 60 neighbors, I'm doing pretty well. Only the forum regulars are beating me and i know these people are playing the every 2 hour method, i am doing about a 4-8-12.

    I didn't think i was earning much but seeing the comparison I'm pretty high in rank so I'll stick with the defensive plan.
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  • da_caveman
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    So basically we need to housefarm with this strategy?
    If I remember correct from my historylessons there was a number of houses inside the outer castlewalls. So brown housefarming here I come. The brown color would fit more with the period of pillaging(just an fix idea).
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    da_caveman wrote:
    So basically we need to housefarm with this strategy?

    I have a small housefarm now just to do this and it is enough. Dont have to go overboard.
  • graywolfii
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    I mentioned this in a couple of other threads, so I'll post it here, too:

    Make sure your strategy takes into account random attacks. You could be accidentally shouting out good neighbors unless your house farm is truly vast. Several of my neighbors are leaving their towns undefended and most days will have nothing left to tap.

    When I do find a tappable house in an undefended town, I throw multiple nerds at it so it will clear faster for someone else to attack.
  • jimmyw31
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    I'm not playing this update a lot due to my heavy work load, so I'm feeling like I need to defend to earn more gold, but I don't have a lot of neighbors who visit regularly - just a few regulars plus some sporadic visitors. I do my very best to be sure I repay the friends who do visit with 5 nerd attacks each, and I'm fine if they defend because I'd rather repay their kindness in turn. I wonder if this change will force serious players to turn to attacking randoms because of bigger payouts or in search of obviously undefeated house farms? Kind of kills the spirit of the game, dude.
  • chrisgyo
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    if the payouts were similar for rebuilding vs defending then i'd consider just letting it all get destroyed every second day
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  • chrisgyo
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    I guess they are doing this to make it more worthwhile sending 10 nerds to 1 castle
  • Adamcayce
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    I just attack the random towns because they give me more points. The only friend's town I keep attacking is MrWhiplash82 because he seems to have a vendetta against me.
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  • hipmama197190
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    I think they may be trying to urge us to drop nerds on our neighbors. You don't get much for dropping them, but if everyone reciprocates(ish) you can make a decent amount cleaning up your town. More than you make dropping 5 nerds all over and hoping no one defends, or finding there is nowhere to drop nerds because people are letting their housefarms turn to rubble over 24+ hours.

    If I remember correctly, during the Stonecutter event, you earned Emblems mostly by people visiting you. While you did your visiting it did that stupid thing FPs do where the ones you earned dropped precipitously, and you did a lot of visiting mainly to get people to visit you back. I think that's the idea here. Yeah, you get a little bit from your nerds wrecking stuff, but your neighbors reciprocating is where the bacon really meets the road. (I'm pretty sure that's not what I meant to say, but you get it, right?)
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