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Planning ahead

That's what I plan on doing because I am not happy with the way my Castle Recycle and Boxingham Palace look right now with so few walls. I do wish that you could get more towers as well because I would like one more but really don't want to spend donuts on them. Near the end of the event, I might cave and buy one tower each for those castles to complete them.


  • JimJ321
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    edited August 2014
    Yes it is a great event.
  • avg_joe_c
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    edited August 2014
    Once you get the castles upgraded to level ten, they will no longer give you any free walls, towers, or gates. So you want to at least get each castle up to ten.

    After that, there is just increases to the town defense, the maximum nerd capacity, and the number of nerds produced up to level 20. My goal is to at least get each castle to level 20 because then I will be generating 90 nerds every two hours and have plenty to use on both neighbors and random people.

    But you may opt to stop leveling them up at level 10 if you are just looking for the castle pieces.
  • hipmama197190
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    edited August 2014
    I had the same thoughts. I didn't want to raise my defense level, either. But I've been slowly upgrading the castles to get more nerd creating abilities and more nerd storage. It makes it easier to drop more nerds on all my neighbors each day. My goal is to hit every consistently with 5, every day.
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