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This event is...


Something to do every time I log in.

Nothing is boring. Something is better than nothing.


  • urlaub694
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    edited September 2014
    The event is not boring, but I agree, I stopped collecting at Wizard Marge. I liked Easter much more - Father sean, Sharry bobbins, Hugs Bunny - some of my favorite characters in the game.
  • terend2013
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    edited September 2014
    ...Some of the best writing content, but not as good as Halloween '13 or the Stonecutters.

    ...getting old now that there is not much reason to pound away on raids. Would be better if they gave 3 donuts for every 8000 gold collected.
  • neuroheart
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    edited September 2014

    Something to do every time I log in.

    Nothing is boring. Something is better than nothing.
    Agreed. There is plenty to do, and we just got some new decorations. I rather like some of the decorations and prizes. I don't feel the mad addiction to elixer that I felt for goo or emblems, but that's because those could get me donuts. This event is more like the gift cards at xmas; once you have everything, it's all for some new decorations. And these aren't on a wheel! You gotta love that.

    (Whereas easter was more like one of those claw machines with an iPhone in it. You could spend every cent you have and still not get it, but it seems to be right there within your reach, so you keep trying until you want to just knock the machine over, but it's bolted to the ground.)
  • richardaca969
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    edited September 2014
    It's not boring. You dont like it. HUGE difference.
  • Ningyo42
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    edited September 2014
    Once the questline is complete, it's not amazing, but the main game is still there with a lot to do. You'll get some money, cash, things of that nature. I'm enjoying fine tuning my attack strategy, personally. :)
  • lynnmckenz82
    2611 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    I like it, but it's TOO MUCH. I have stopped going to my neighbors altogether, because I just can't concentrate with all the attacks and the money collecting and the hoyven-glavin going on.

    I am keeping my SF wide open to attacks, but even that's difficult, because I have to try to click on houses where my characters have tasks without disturbing the shield. I don't always succeed. Sorry, invaders/neighbors.

    Even with my characters on 12 or 24-hour tasks, I feel stressed every time I log in. And then my nerds max out and I have to go raiding. And it takes FOREVER to find castles/houses under 12 hours at night.

    Plus, they made it too easy (maybe because of the glitch), so now that I have all the prizes, I have nothing to aspire to. I'm not buying castle walls and towers, and I've got most of the decorations I want (just going to buy some walls with elixir for future expansion), so I'm kind of burned out.

    But we've still got another month to go.....
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  • tommonkey0272
    12 posts
    edited September 2014
    I'm not enjoying it either. I don't watch the Simpsons on TV, so I don't know if this is linked to an episode story line but it just doesn't make sense to me. I've enjoyed some of the irony tinged diatribe during the early stages, but now it's just a way if making a corner of my Springfield a bit messy.

    I second the comment of bringing a new level online, ditching this already done side line and congure something good up for Halloween. Either way, I'm saving up my doughnuts for then!
  • Igcognita
    1500 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    I like the fact that EA has been introducing different styles of game play to the game After playing for almost 2 years, the events, although I like them and the prizes, can become kind of mundane. I'd rather have an event that wasn't the greatest, than the same old routine or nothing at all. The good thing about this event is that you can put as much or as little effort into it, as you want. I hope they keep adding new styles of gameplay to the game and I don't think it has to be so rigid in things that only exist in the World of Simpsons. I'm looking forward to what's next.
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