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****: Worst to Good, How to Make Great

In my humble opinion, upon its release the **** event was the worst event tsto has ever produced. Why is that exactly? Let's break it down.

Pre Update
Gameplay: Very good. It certainly has it's drawbacks, to me mostly nullifying the incentive of being a good neighbor. Why benieft friends when far greater rewards can be reaped attacking strangers? More debatably exploits made it very short and easy which could be considered convienant to some and boring to others. I think this was addressed exceptionally well which I will address later. Otherwise I enjoyed the core event gameplay which allowed the player to visit many random towns. To me it seems most are feeders, farmers or just plain ugly, but that's the users fault, not the developers.

Prizes: All Time Worst. The core of this argument largely depends on whether you think tsto should stick to the simpsons universe (which after 25 years is vast) or branch out to other ideas. The way the prizes were implemented is their downfall, where they could have felt **** themed and still tied into the universe, only the former is true. 1 new character, not from show. 4 new skins (ugh) for the Simpson family (double ugh). The new buildings? A few horrendously poor looking castles destined for storage. The decos? Mixed. The only standout to me is the balloon. There are some decent others but they are harder to fit into Springfield, such as the catapult and hay cart.

Initial Ranking: the worst. Why? Even w fun gameplay working up to bad prizes during an extra long event is a bad situation all around. To me it would trump the current worst event, Easter, which had excellent prizes and horrible gameplay

Update Effect: this gave the event a Huge boost. It saved the gameplay by providing something to spend all the excess elixir on. While they are almost all decos, the decos are excellent. The windmill is a top five deco for me in the game. The guillotine is not only excellent but timely with Halloween around the corner.

Level 44: one of the best levels in memory. The freebee of data and honest johns is good, the premium Akira is in my opinion the best premium value character in the game. Not only is it a classic character but he comes with a well designed and classic building. Not only that but putting him on tasks makes him produce an otherwise premium deco. All that at 100 donuts. If all characters were priced like that I'd probably have them all. Bloaters and the plum tree are great additions as well.

How to make it a better event: Integration
A lot of the event items can be made to work with simpsons episodes. Give Rex banner a task in which he is launched by the catapult. Have elements from Lisa's wedding episode with ren fair tents. (Maybe repurposed from whacking day) including wiggums beastarium complete with esquilax. Add more elements from the freak show since it was given tents.

Overall: ok-good

Well there's my two cents on the event and how to make it/ how it could have been better.
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